Christina’s Journey: The Biggest Fight-Remission

It is the month of September, which is Blood Cancer Awareness: Lymphoma and Leukemia and it is time to celebrate the fighters and the survivors of these cancers.  My question is, when will the fight ever end?

Remission from cancer or any other Chronic Disease does not imply that your body will ever be truthful to you again.  It betrayed you one time and it continues to betray you, just like the saying “once a cheater always a cheater.”  As soon as you begin trusting your body it does a U-Turn and heads back down the road you just fought.  Living as a cancer survivor the expectations are set high from your Medical Team and yourself of how your life will be after cancer.  You want to pick up from which was left off from when you were fighting for your life and it does not quite work out in that manner.   I am in a constant war to live a fulfilled and prosperous life because 2 1/2 years of my life was stolen.  I am in the phase of making up for lost time, which can become very taxing on the mental, emotional, and physical elements of myself but it must be completed.

I celebrate every small victory that I have as I am fighting to stay alive in all capacities of my being.  I am going to be very transparent of what I mean of celebrating small victories.  I have accomplished to run two successful businesses at the same time, I no longer fear having the security of my support circle to accomplish a task, I can travel alone either it is driving or going on a trip, and  I now use my voice to articulate my emotions instead of withholding.  Yes, you see I have won the battle of cancer but the war is still going on around me.  It is either I continue to push forward or go into nonexistence and isolation.

It is difficult being open on this very topic since it is my current situation but I never will allow anyone to feel sorry for me or believe that fighting for your life is not worth every needle, pill, doctor visit, or the feeling of uncertainity.  It will allow you to appreciate your life and lives around you.  It is important that we take care of ourselves mentally and physically to cope with our Chronic Diseases because I am learning how to finally take advantage of my opportunities.  It takes more than yourself to get through your “new” normal of living.  It will be hard but your hard work will pay off at the end.  You will be blessed abundantly as long as you are obedient in the process.

I hope and pray that my story will help someone on their battle of coping or fighting with a Chronic Disease.  Never feel defeated because our bodies are not cooperating in the fashion as we want them to, but try the best you can to work within your realm so you may enjoy life.

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