Anchors: Nina Gordon

Today’s Anchor for the month of July is a true gem.  I met Ms. Nina years ago because her daughter and me grew up together and are good friends.  I have watched her incredible journey in life and how she has overcame to be a triumphant contribution to the community.  Anchor 6, Inc. is multi-faceted and we address all levels of Chronic Illness that Young Adults can face in their lives.  I am sharing Nina’s story because it is empowering and it is great but it will open your eyes into who we are as Health Advocates.  I hope Nina’s story will put a smile on your face and know that we are all on this journey called life together.

Ms. Nina Gordon has a Nonprofit, Together As One Ministries, Inc., the organization is a Ministry to help women from the age of 18-up to develop faith, love, and self esteem.  To be able to live their lives without the use of drugs and alcohol, built on nothing but the love of God and one another.

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In September 1996, I was diagnosed with HIV [at the age of 29].  For those that don’t know, that’s the virus that can cause AIDS.  I can remember that day when the Nurse told me I was positive(HIV).  Those words, what she had on, the time of day and that devastating look she had on her face at the time, I can remember it all.   I knew it was just as hard for her to tell me as much as it was for me to hear.   September 18, 1996, my life would forever be changed from that moment on.

              I can remember the days and weeks that led up to my initially being okay with even having a HIV test in the first place.  I had been living with my boyfriend, at the time who was a crack user and continuously returning home giving me the disease Chlamydia.  I kept asking him if he went to the doctor to get it cleared and of course he was lying.  My first mistake I had to continue to ask instead of making sure, but due to his continued drug use, I eventually left him and moved back to Gastonia, NC, my hometown.

              Once you have been diagnosed with HIV the stigma sets in immediately before you even tell the first person.  I set myself a part from everyone even my children.  The very first person that I told was my high school English teacher.  She was working at the time.  I don’t know how I drove from the doctor’s office to Ashbrook to tell her, crying the whole way there, but I did.  Just so happen God allowed her to be doing her planning period where only she was in the classroom at the time.  Everything was so dark for me.  All I could think about was that I needed to share this with someone else and that someone was her.  I remembered, she listened and gave me hugs occasionally and then I left. 

              If you are not walking this same path as I am, you will never understand my pain   Although I have dealt with HIV for almost 20 years, this does not make the mental and emotional times be easier.  I had family and friends to walk away.  I have had my children talked about because I am their mother.  My children have had to defend my honor to some people they did not even know.  I have had to always tell any potential mate that I am HIV positive not only because the state of NC requires that I do, because it is the right and just thing to do.  He never told me and he knew!!!!

              I would never want anyone to go through everyday life where people look at you not for the color of your skin but because you are in a fight to save your life and the lives of the people coming behind me.  I live to help the next person that gets this diagnosis and think it’s a death sentence like I did.  But today, it is not.  We are living longer and healthier lives.  HIV does not define who I am, I define what HIV is.  I have done everything the doctors have asked me to do.  I stop smoking crack, cocaine, and drinking alcohol along with any other illegal substance for over 13 years ago. 

I have been on my medications for over 13 years and have taken them every day since.  There have been a couple of times where I have forgotten and that is only because once I think about if I have taken my medications or not, I don’t want to take another one just in case.  I fight this illness with my work and my mouth! I work with men and women newly diagnosed and those that have been positive for longer than I have.   See God knew that I would be that beacon of hope for the next generation coming through scared, afraid and thinking heir life is over. 

              There is HOPE and I know there will be a CURE soon.  I pray this helps encourage everyone if they have not yet, be tested.  It does not matter your race, man or woman.  No one is exempt from this but everyone can be educated and fight together.  No one ever needs to die.  This is why I fight every day for a cure.


16 thoughts on “Anchors: Nina Gordon

  1. Nina Gordon is a woman I will always admire. I have watched her grow and become who she is today. I remember her diagnosis day like it was just yesterday. I am that English teacher she talks about. That day was traumatic for us both. We knew nothing about HIV. She may not remember but we both cried that day. I am happy I could comfort her on that dark day. For me it was hard to let her leave my classroom because I did not know where she was going. It was hard for me to greet my next class as if all was well. I just wanted the school day to end so that I could find her. Nina became more than just a student who crossed my path. She is like a daughter. She can always call me and I will do my best to answer her call. She makes all of my years of teaching worthwhile because she is a success story. To God be all of the glory.


    1. Jocelyn, you know I never even thought how that day would effect you. I was in such a death defying place. How selfish was I? Please forgive me. Never did it come to me that you had to go on with your life, to teach the next class after receiving my devastating news. You know how much you have meant to me since tenth grade😓Thank you for never giving up on me and especially for loving me when I thought no one would or could ever love me again. This the what a true hero is; my hero🙏 Love you forever and always.




  3. My name is Soniia L .. and I just wanna say I think what you are doing is an amazing thing .. Sharing your story and wanting to reach out to others thats going through this battle with HIV.. Someone very close to me passed away some years back with this disease And I sat back and watched her as she got sick only because she wasn’t taken her meds like she was suppose to due to her not being able to afford it .. Her Medicaid had gotten cut off .. And from there I think she just gave up .. And when I seen this it just touched my heart .. So with that being said .. Keep on reaching out and continue to be blessed…


  4. Nina. I am so so proud of you for sharing your inspirational story with us all. You are an amazing woman of God. You didn’t let your flaws bring you down. You kept your head held high, overcame life’s self worth and conquered your adversaties. I’m just ecstatic with joy. You lead the path others will follo.. Hats off to you. Keep presssing forward. Greatness is already in your favor. I love you .You go lady. You are awesome. ❤❤


  5. I don’t kno Nina personally, but I hv seen her on occasions…this is a very touching testimony…I pray that God will allow her testimony to touch the lives of others…


  6. Nina Gods got you keep on doing what you are doing. You have a very powerful testimony and he will see that you get it out there for other people to hear. Keep on keeping on may the Lord continue to bless you.


  7. Thank you for being brave enough to come forward. I pray your testimony will fall upon and bring conviction to those having unprotected sex. God bless you and your children.


  8. Nina Nina Nina………..I love you so much. Who knew where life would take us after we left school and started careers, doing drugs or just barely surviving. My Dx came September 17, 1989 on my military discharge exam. I was 23 years old and I felt the same way you did.

    I’m so Proud of you. ……… have no idea. ………I am so happy for you. ……

    I love you

    Tobbie Jackson-Jeffress


  9. Hello Nice. I Just Want You To Know That You Are An Awesome Individual! There Are So Many People Suffering And Afraid To Talk To Anyone For Fear Of Being Rejected. May God Continue To Bless And Keep You Always! I Love You!


  10. A Powerful, and Awesome Testimony!!! May God continue keeping you, and using you do work in the Kingdom, and help everyone going through, and to educate the ones that need to know. God Bless You!!!!!


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