Anchors: LaTanya Bonds

Today’s featured Anchor of Anchor 6, Incorporated is Ms. LaTanya Bonds.  LaTanya has an incredible and powerful story about her Chronic Illness and the journey she is on.  I met Ms. LaTanya through a mutual friend and I am very blessed to have her in my life and be a Health Advocate for her.  LaTanya’s story exemplifies strength, determination, and authenticity.  Reading her story was a message from God because LaTanya touches on how much her health care cost which is important to insure that you have a healthy prosperous life.  Having financial protection is so imperative to have because we do not know when “LIFE” will come knocking at your door.  Thank you LaTanya for your beautiful testimony!

Anchor LaTanya

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Here is Ms. LaTanya Bonds’ story:

“Life happens, but the greatest testament to your faith is how you respond. Just a simple adjustment in your attitude can change your entire outlook! Thanks Maya!!! That has been my Testament since I found out April 8th, 2016 that I had Hodgkin’s Pre Nodular Lymphoma.. Suffering almost in SILENCE the last few years, I guess cancer has been forming for so long. My OB/GYN had been performing ultrasounds, then CT scans, and finally a biopsy. All we knew was that something was wrong, and we had to find it!! I remember sitting at my desk working and I get a call from my doctor, and she says “LaTanya are you sitting down” I’m like yes she was like I want to talk about your biopsy results from that statement alone my heart dropped. All I heard was cancer. Immediately I just knew that I was going to die I was not going to be around for my son and I heard nothing else that she was saying. All I could think of was Lord why me I’m only 35 and I’ve already been through so much!! Well the next day I met with an oncologist who went over my results with me and told me that I had stage 3 the Hodgkin’s as well as I had similarities of Non Hodgkin’s disease. And again all I could think of was Lord please don’t let me die. I was told that I would need to have a full pet scan so that following Monday my life changed like never before. Between racking up about $30,000 worth of doctors bills and going to the doctors and having Labs at least 20 times in a four-week period I was beyond exhausted. But during that that whole time one thing changed my attitude and my Outlook. Each day my steps begin to get easier!!! My fight began to get stronger!! My Hope and my faith begin to get louder!! I knew that this was just another stepping stone in life and another Testament of how strong of a person I was and how strong I was faith!! I’ve been through so many hard things in my life but by this far is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through!!! Chemotherapy can physically wiped you out where you don’t know if you’re coming or going.. Even though I have cancer, cancer doesn’t have me!! I still work my businesses I am a freelance makeup artist I have my own Jewelry Company call Moxie designs I make bridal veils I make headbands I make a plethora of crafts! I have a handsome 8 year old son who I love so much who has been such an amazing little person during this season!! My smile continues to carry me through I literally have the joy of the Lord. I won’t be sad I won’t be defeated because there is hope and there is light at the end of the tunnel so I have to do is just continue to walk through this journey! Never give up never lose hope!! Continue to be a warrior!! I still have 5 more months of chemo to go and possibly radiation but hey I’ll just keep on smiling!”


5 thoughts on “Anchors: LaTanya Bonds

  1. Telling your story will be a blessing to someone and a blessing to you. I’m praying for your strength during this difficult time; knowing that God will bring you through victorious. Love you LaTanya Bonds…


    1. Thanks Mother Norvella!! Thank you for reading this!! And consistently keeping me in prayer!! Love you too!!


  2. Amazing testimony from a amazing young woman whoelse life is a sweet song of faith, perseverance, hope, care and laughter! Thank you for sharing! Love you much and I’m praying for you to never lose sight of what God promised!


  3. Thank you for sharing your journey. God bless you and your son. I declare in the name of Jesus your 100% cure from cancer. Fight on warrior. You are not alone.


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