Phase 12: Christina’s Journey- Creating Your Legacy and Building Your Empire

I am bringing the Superwoman Empowerment Brunch from March 19, 2016 to you.  It was a lot of inspiring information floating in the atmosphere at this event.  Every leader should be fully aware that you are not fully fed of all of your nourishment you need to be successful.  It takes a village of candid and care to insure your “tank” is constantly being filled with knowledge and power.  I am going to refer to my speech that I gave on  “Creating Your Legacy and Building Your Empire.”  There are many ways that you can receive this information, but receive this “golden nugget” with an open mind and the motivation to provoke change in your life to influence change in others.

I will also going to include the wonderful Founders/Coordinators of this powerful event Natasha Nichole Lake and Jada Monica Drew.  The guest speaker was Author and Brand Specialist Chisa D. Pennix-Brown and myself, Christina D. Sadler-Young.  I will post their contact information below.  Remember being in leadership, especially being a woman in leadership, is a humbling experience and we are a rare form so it is very vital that we are giving to which was given to us as leaders.


Natasha Nichole Lake : NNL Empowerment : : @nnlempowerment

Jada Monica Drew : Social Design : : @jdotdrew

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown : Author | Brand Specialist :

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Half of individuals may ask why conquer such high expectations and where do you begin, while the other half seem as if their legacy and empire are parallel to the success that life has to offer automatically.  To accomplish such residuals in your life you must know who you are – build your brand.  Brands are not just for companies and organizations but most importantly it is for YOU!  I began my brand building the day I came into this world on February 10th, 1985 and since that day every move I have made, especially when I was coming into my own, was strategically done to get me to where I am today.  I received my direction from God and along with His guidance my parents and family sat as passengers, because no matter which way my life took they were there for me 100%.  As you are   with your guide and passengers where are you going?  What are you wanting to gain from this trek?  God guides us on different tours to see what faith we have for His vision, so write down your short and long term goals and incorporate a vision board so you will see yourself accomplishing within a certain time limit to move to the next conquering quest.  I always have a plan and a contingency plan to the original plan because LIFE happens and God has a funny way of taking you and me on detours and that is where the fun begins.  As I stated earlier, I always had a plan and goals which I accomplished especially in my career.  I was getting more exposure because of my strong leadership capabilities that I had been cultivating throughout my years.  With this exposure it led my people to be developed and be promoted as well as myself. 

Always remember success comes with a price sometimes. It is a sacrifice compromise of something or someone but I knew and know that God continues to guide and show favor over obedience.  Through obedience my empire was growing and I did not fully understand nor grasp the concept and that is why I was sent on a detour to fully understand my quest, but God did not send me alone. He perfected my tight circle of friends, family and my King husband David.  You nor can I build an empire alone because our legacy will be destroyed and the brand will not exist.  We must have individuals in our lives that will continue to push us towards greatness.  You need a mate that will be your everything lover, best friend, caregiver and coach.  My husband David is all of these and more and I pray that every woman meets, befriends, and marries a husband like mine.  He takes care of me and I have become a stronger woman because of him.  As I stated we have been placed on a detour majority of the time until cancer became a part of our daily conversations.  I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma exactly one month and three days after marriage.  We will be celebrating 3 years on October 12th.  When I was diagnosed I underwent surgeries, 6 months of chemo, relapsed twice had a stem cell transplant, have a paralyzed diaphragm with a chronic lung disease, infertility but I will never be a victim or become any of my illness.  I AM A FIGHTER AND A SURVIVOR!!!

 I know you may be wondering why I was on this detour and it was because I needed to learn to be an even more effective leader.  I have to be transparent to be relatable and for my credibility during this transformation.  My vision of my non-profit began bouncing around in my mind.  God makes full circles in our lives.  So it is extremely important (women) that bridges do not become burned but to be used as a path for networking and collaboration.  Anchor 6, Inc. was born with the help of my sorority sister, business partner Kermilya who also suffers with a chronic illness. Anchor 6, Inc. will be our nation’s leader in providing young adults who suffer in silence with a chronic illness with the abilities of healing, tranquility, and transformation. 

Food for thought: “There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.”  Madeline Albright 

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you even when you don’t see it in yourself.”

Are you ready for your detour and if you are on it how will it create your legacy to build your empire!!


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