Kermilya’s Journey: God Keeps His Promises


September was such an incredible month for my family and I! On September 5th at 11:15pm our sweet baby girl Madeline “Maddie” was born! She weighed 6lb 11oz and was 20 ¾”! God is so good and He is faithful! Every day I thank Him for our little one. There are days I look into her eyes and cry tears of joy…as she’s our little miracle! We now know that her birth was always in God’s plan, she just came in His timing. It’s hard when you’re in the midst of a storm (in my case PCOS diagnosis and difficulty getting pregnant), to remember that God’s will and plan for our lives is better than our own. Sometimes the sole purpose of God allowing us to go through adversity is for us to learn something, for us to fully trust in Him, and so that our testimonies can help others. In fact, I spent many days thinking of the testimonies of others to keep my faith intact.There were many nights I would cry myself to sleep. On those nights I’d remember all of the people God put in my path to remind me of His power. There were several challenges I had to overcome before I got pregnant. I will share those details later.

The power of prayer is amazing! Once I surrendered my diagnosis to the Lord (December 2013), I prayed for my baby (January 2014). I didn’t just ask for a baby, I prayed a specific prayer. I asked God for natural conception, a healthy pregnancy, healthy weight gain, natural labor and delivery, successful nursing, and a plan for financial stability with our new addition. Everything I asked for has come into fruition, and I give God the glory! Don’t be afraid to ask God for what your heart desires! He’ll give you what you need when you need it. 

My husband and I are  just now settling into being new parents. I’m enjoying motherhood, it has been a blessing! I do things that some say “spoil” her, but I’ve waited a long time for her. I want to love on her and will do anything for her…she’s my heart! My husband adores her too! I love watching them together! She looks just like him too…I was clearly just the vessel! My world is alright with these two!

With our new addition arriving, I did not get a chance to post about PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) awareness month. PCOS awareness is acknowledged in September. It is very important to me to spread awareness and to be an advocate for myself and for other women. For more information about PCOS go to and


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