The Beginning….

Anchor 6, Inc. was created to help Young Adults go through the trials and tribulations of having a chronic illness.  Kermilya and I have and are currently battling chronic illnesses that affected us in our “trailblazing” years.  We were both newlyweds, having great careers, and life was perfect until you get that unexpected news from your doctor.  The world suddenly stops and you are at the point of what are you going to do next with everything.  Who can call on, who will fully understand what you are going through, and most importantly what about your love ones in your life.

Anchor 6, Inc. is here to engage with you on how to cope with things that are on your mind.  We will focus on 4 Pillars that anyone with a chronic illness faces: Faith, Health, Wealth, and Relationships (Family/Friends). I hope through this journey you will take with Kermilya and I that you will be opened to a renewed life that you deserve living.


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